On Memory!? I’m confused.

I had planned to write about memory. So here it goes..   I don’t quite understand why so much emphasis has been laid on memory and fact remembering. It is very prevalent in our education system and it makes no sense whatsoever. Still so many comrades of mine go on and on crunching facts into […]

pleasure in chess

This post is also really old, my views have not changed much since then, I still see beauty in chess. But I just hopped to another thing after chess, did not stick with it long enough. Goddamn priorities and reality. Anyway, here it goes… Chess is life – Bobby Fischer   Fischer said it, and […]

The Power of Habit

Originally posted on Seeking Wisdom:
Around 42% of college students in America will never read another book after graduation. Compare these students with Todd Combs one of the money managers at Berkshire Hathaway. He spends most of his time reading and thinking. In one interview he said that he reads 500+ pages of annual reports…


Originally posted on Seeking Wisdom:
Sherlock Holmes met Watson for the first time and told him with utter certainty, “You have been in Afghanistan, I perceive.” and Watson responds – “How on earth did you know that?“. Sherlock Holmes explains how he deduced it. I knew you came from Afghanistan. From long habit the train…

I’m not a Sociopath: I’m Just an INTJ

Originally posted on Emily Jacobs:
You know that phenomenon where you are completely unaware of something—a song, a commercial, a trend, a meme—but then someone brings it to your attention, and after that you see it everywhere? Ever since digging more deeply into my introversion and my personality, I’ve noticed it more. A few weeks…