I once thought that I’d be (like) X. Now X was a pretty high ambition and I still cling to it dearly. But when I actually got around the time where I could be X. I realised how hard it is. And I also realised by inherent long running bias of thinking that I could […]


I am so full of contradictions, that it makes me sick. There is a discord. There exists an unrest. Chaos of sorts. This has been the case since forever. It manifests itself as stress. Or maybe stress is the consequence. I hate that. I hate the state of things inside my head. I want a […]


I find it amusing how vulnerable we are to triggers. How some events can act as stimulus and put us in automatic mode. It represents in a way, how much our brains want to go to the autopilot mode. Sad, how much energy it takes to stay in constant awareness. Maybe I should not look […]


You ought to be surprised how your brain just comes up with so many shit excuses. And the mechanisms it develops on its own to absolutely avoid the hardest tasks. The hardest problems. Often, those very problems are the ones worth solving. And the ones that are really important. I’d like to share how my […]

internal negotiations

We must negotiate with ourselves daily. We must put a cap on our enjoyment daily. Default mode must be execution. Listening to conscience is extremely important. Weirdly enough, it knows. The best decision. Morally, yeah. But rationally too. You’d be surprised to know how rational your conscience can be. Like Jordan Peterson said in a […]

Can. Not. Agree. With. Anyone.

This is a strong bias that I have. I explore a leading intellectual. I get really fascinated and pumped up. I devour more and more content about the said person. And then I stumble upon something, about the person that I do not necessarily agree with. And its good. Its a good thing to disagree […]


Life is a game where you are the protagonist. (what if, solipsism?) In this game, no one wins. Because there is no concept of winning. You’ve been just put into it, and you stay here for sometime. This sometime is called lifetime. Your consciousness starts when the game starts and it dies when the game […]