From AoM, Of the three parts of the soul, thumos is the hardest for us moderns to grasp. The ancient Greeks thought it essential to andreia, or manliness, but there’s no one word in contemporary language that is a real match for it. Even for the Greeks, it was a multi-faceted force that they saw as the […]

Strenuous life, mentally

I’m just playing around with ideas. They are not matured enough. I like the idea of strenuous life. You probably already know that if you have read my previous posts. How can we best describe it? Taking words from Roosevelt infused vitality into every aspect of his life. He practically bounded from room to […]

Some ideas and tools I like

in no particular order the strenuous life by Theodore Roosevelt. identifying mis-thinkings by Charlie Munger Stoicism the Wim Hof method Mindfulness meditation, the meditation of plain observing of thoughts mindful learning by Kasparov just plain act of sticking longer with intellectual problems by James Simon how habits work by William James the most trivial things […]

Questions to ask yourself

What is useless and what is not? What is relevant and what is not? What needs attention and what does not? What is urgent and what is not? What are my goals and what are my anti-goals? What is that I want? How to act in the world?

The Enemy

That voice in your head telling you things like, “You’ve got it under control” “Chill we’ll do X, then Y, then Z and voila we’ll be done” “Well now we have the plan ready, so we can chill now right” “Hey let me slack off just a little bit I deserve this you know I […]

Negative Epistemology

Nassim Nicholas Taleb mentions it somewhere. I read it in some article about Darwin too, mistakes form a system of negative epistemology. they tell you what doesn’t work. Jordan Peterson – move away from evil. evil stands out. good is trickier to identify. Charlie Munger – “Tell me where I will die, so I’ll never […]