My name is XYZ.

I wont tell you what’s my age, where do I live or what do I do. Coz that’s irrelevant and trash information.

I like ideas, concepts and theories. I can sometimes be a close-minded cynic or an open-minded sceptic.  I like to think of myself as unconventional brain-worker, with a wide perspective.

I love learning, hence the name of the blog. I love knowledge. I rebel stagnation, just like Arthur Conan Doyle. To me, the purpose of life is growth. I am a bit of a pessimist.

Some of my blog posts may not be in the general context. They may be biased in accordance to my personality. My personality type according to MBTI is INTJ. The description of the type is eerily similar to who I am.


My posts can be of the following type- Formal, Semi Formal, Informal, Humorous. Depends on my mood and the topic of the post.

I have a variety of interests. Some of them are Philosophy, Psychology, Financial Markets, Computer Science, Theoretical Physics, Astronomy, Economics.  I want to be a polymath, just like Charlie Munger. I’m just getting started on my journey with no destination. Journey of my quest for knowledge. I hope that I go far.

So after reading all this, you might have already got an idea of what this blog is gonna be about. So I’ll save the pain of articulating it.

Did I mention that I hate blogging?


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