I find it amusing how vulnerable we are to triggers.
How some events can act as stimulus and put us in automatic mode.
It represents in a way, how much our brains want to go to the autopilot mode.
Sad, how much energy it takes to stay in constant awareness.

Maybe I should not look at this with regard to my emotions.
It seems rational to me that, we take advantage of our machinery, than fight it.
So if we work very well with if-else like behaviour of ours.
Maybe we should control all our stimulus.
What I mean is, if forcing a behaviour is hard enough.
Then, just force the stimulus. And just wait and watch and the behaviour will come. Great.

Practically, lets say you wanna work?
Work for the next 2 hours without break.
(yeah yeah I’m not following the pomodoro way)
What da ya do?
Well, make sure you just sit, and keep whatever is your work infront of you. And make a bargain with yourself about how you are not gonna get up before 2 hours. And take any decision that will distract you even for a minute.
Something like that. A system like this can be applied anywhere, in any context.

Bargains are the how we must negotiate against ourselves.
Bargain is how to sell the idea of Ubermensch.
One sale at a time. To ourselves.
Till the day comes, when we are no longer a tyrant.
And we realize, that we have infact,
have finally become the Ubermensch.


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