internal negotiations

We must negotiate with ourselves daily.
We must put a cap on our enjoyment daily.
Default mode must be execution.
Listening to conscience is extremely important.
Weirdly enough, it knows. The best decision.
Morally, yeah. But rationally too. You’d be surprised to know how rational your conscience can be.

Like Jordan Peterson said in a lecture, we have no idea. And there is no limit to what a person can be.
Sometimes there are people who successfully abide by their conscience.
Think of what would you become if you consistently listen to and abide by your conscience. For the next 5 years.
You can’t possibly imagine that. It would blow your mind.

If you lose these minor conquests.
You are weak. You are the puppet.
Each action makes habits. Every. Decision. Matters.
This is the opposite of nihilism.
Shit matters. You have no idea. How much it matters.
Every decision is important. Takes courage to accept this, and act accordingly. Not for the timid.

Goal is, to be Ubermensch.
To strive for the highest good.
To be the embodiment of your own system of virtues.
To be stoic in our temperament.
To be aggressive in our pursuits.
To be mindful of our decisions.
To create our own meaning.
To act responsibly.
To be truthful.
To live.

(to live?)


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