Can. Not. Agree. With. Anyone.

This is a strong bias that I have.
I explore a leading intellectual. I get really fascinated and pumped up.
I devour more and more content about the said person.
And then I stumble upon something, about the person that I do not necessarily agree with.
And its good. Its a good thing to disagree with people. It opens you up to new perceptions. New ways of thinking.
But my problem is, I intrinsically look for a single solution. Like, I mean, system wise.
I like to think in systems and I inadvertently think of each person as a representation of their own system(s).

The thing is, theoretically, all these systems, or any given system can be build up with various configurations.
But I detest that, I am more trustworthy of actual systems at work. That is, actual people with their respective systems. at work. in real life.
Adds some credibility to it.

So, when I encounter something I disapprove of, I dismiss that system. Dismiss the whole system. That is, become skeptic of the other viewpoints that the person had.

What do I? Shit.


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