Life is a game where you are the protagonist. (what if, solipsism?)
In this game, no one wins.
Because there is no concept of winning.
You’ve been just put into it, and you stay here for sometime. This sometime is called lifetime.
Your consciousness starts when the game starts and it dies when the game ends.
Its sad.
No wait, it isn’t sad at all, its “nothing”
Nothing is inherently “good” or “bad”, “happy” or “sad”
Its all a construct afterall. Yes, these are constructs of the game.
So, don’t apply it outside the context of the game, coz it doesn’t hold there.
My point is, whether you wanna play the game or not. Inside the construct of the game, we can think. And as a person(character of the game, following its constructs), we are tempted to follow the following line of reasoning, which says, if you’ve got a chance at something, anything; you better do it right.
Now what is “right” you ask? There ain’t no right. Yes, you guessed it right. Its a construct. It lives inside the game. You create a “right”, and then you strive for it(or maybe not).
So you’ve got one chance, just play the fucking game.

Wow, there goes my existential angst (Kidding)


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